At least we can grill some hot dogs before hurricane season...

Summer is officially here. I know this not because of the hot temperatures or the fact that kids are giddy at the prospect of getting away from school or even the coming of yet another Star Wars film (although I must say, this one didn't suck as much as the last two). Nope. I know this because I have, quite literally, shed my skin for the first time this year.

When someone like me, who could probably best be analogized to Casper the friendly ghost, drives in a convertable, there is one immutable truth: I will get a sunburn that will seriously suck. This year was no exception. To give you an idea how bad this year's it's-summer-time-for-the-pain was this year, my skin peeled, not once, but twice. That's right. My skin was so damaged by the sun that it said, "This sun crap sucks, I'm getting the hell out of here." And then, the little immature layer of epidermis lying below said, "I think those guys in the penthouse have the right idea...Let's jump out the window too!"

Thankfully, this was not the only way I greeted coming of summer. Yesterday, I went with my father and sister to put American flags on the graves of fallen soliders. Spending the morning with a number of war veterens giving former servicemen and servicewomen the honor they deserve really gives meaning to the holiday. In fact, courtesy of either NPR or PBS, I recently learned that Memorial Day began from people puttng flowers on the graves of fallen heros of the Civil War. It felt pretty incredible to take a small part in continuing that legacy. You may also want to check out National Geographic's special on Arlington National Cemetary, which has been airing all weekend. Of course, you can always get a copy from PBS's website.

And in other news, my family decided to begin a tradition that most people have had for ages. Since my sister and father's birthdays are both by Memorial Day, we have officially decided to have an annual Memorial Day Bar-B-Q! So, if you're in the area, bring your appetite and come join us to welcome summer!

If you can't make it, have a great Memorial Day!!!

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