Yakko goes to the other "Sunshine" state...

Last week I was pleased to discover that I was taking a business trip to California. Although I was initially disappointed that I would have to take this trip alone, I was happy to have a traveling companion, Yakko Warner.

You see, Yakko and I go pretty far back. Much like Yakko, I am also an oldest child. Also like Yakko, I have a younger brother, who's crazy (but in a good way) and a baby sister, who's just damn cute. And most importantly, like Yakko, I'm sarcastic enough that people can't decide whether it's more appropriate to laugh or smack me in the head.

Yes, Yakko and I are quite the duo.

So I was quite pleased to learn that he would join me on my trip to San Francisco.

That is, of course, until I remembered just how much of a ham he really is.

Here he is on the plane in Florida:

Of course, he wouldn't shut up the entire way to California. He told me about how he and his sibs used were put in the WB water tower in the 1930's, about how he met Steven Spielberg, about how he helped Einstein discover the theory of relativity by singing the "Acme" song backwards ("The E comes last, the m comes next, the c we're almost done, the a that's last...uh, that a looks like a 2").

Yeah, I know Yakko, I watched the show.

Geez, I thought he wouldn't shut up.

I was so relieved when we finally got to San Francisco:

Of course, Yakko immediately noted that this wasn't "his part" of California, but commented, "It is San Francisco, so I'll make dew." Ugh...again with the puns Yakko?

I checked into the hotel and Yakko decided it was a great opportunity to relax and put his feet up.

After all, traveling can be grueling for cartoons.

After a long day of traveling, I wanted to head to sleep, but Yakko wanted to stay up. Thankfully, there weren't any pay-per-view movies on the hotel receipt when I checked out, particularly the pay-by-the-minute kind. The bosses aren't too happy about those.

I should have guessed that he would be a pain in the ass the next morning when it was time to get up.

So then, we headed off to court. With some coaxing, Yakko decided that sitting on the Judge's bench while I made a court appearance probably wasn't appropriate, even for him.

I guess contempt of court can even persuade cartoons to be on their best behavior.

After court, we went back to my hotel room and while I checked out, Yakko got some California rays on the front of the rental car.

Hey, Avis never said you can't lay out on the vehicle!

So, instead of wandering around aimlessly in San Fran while we waited for the redeye home, Yakko persuaded me to take a drive and visit PostModern Sass, who recently moved to nearby San Jose.

Sass was busy with the new job, so Yakko and I entertained ourself in San Jose, seeing some of the sites.

We visited The Fairmont:

"Why doesn't work put you up in digs like this?"

Just gut the wound, why don't you?

We visited the Museum of Art:

(note the little red circle at the toe of the statue)

And Yakko showed the California bear just who's boss:

After Yakko had his way with the bear, we headed over to Gordon Biersch, Sass's new Banknote, to meet up with Sass.

Sass ordered Yakko a drink and Yakko was more than happy to oblige:

Much more than happy:

Of course, he only passes out when the check gets to the table...

And when we get outside, he's wide awake to get attention from the ladies:

"Heeeelllloooo NURSE!"

After his libations and female attention, Yakko was pretty rejuvenated, so much so that he went to check out Sass's new super chic apartment complex.

He spent some time soaking in the fountain:

And playing an old English favorite:

"Why no, that's not a croquet mallet in my pocket."

Geez, Yakko, is that really necessary?

Yakko was so rejuvenated, he decided to put together Sass's desk:

He's much more useful around the house than I am.

So when Sass said, "What else of San Jose do you want to see?"

Yakko chimed up with, "We don't have Safeway in Florida!"

Yeah, well, we don't have earthquakes either, but I don't want to experience one while I'm here.

But since Sass was hungry and sans vehicle since getting to the States and Yakko was up for a unique California grocery experience, I was outvoted. And I have to admit, Yakko was pretty happy when we got there:

Particularly when he found the beer section:

No, Yakko, TSA won't let us take liquids on the plane home.

"No problem! It'll be gone before we get on the plane!"

Geez, didn't you have enough at GB? Lush.

Yep, Yakko was so happy at Safeway, particularly with the alcohol selection, he even joined the membership club:

But then it was time to go. We wished Sass the best on her new home and headed back to San Fran, where Yakko and I were shocked by the prices at SFO's airport restaurants:

"Wheel of Morality, turn, turn, turn, tell us the lesson that we must learn. Today's lesson: Morally Bankrupt."

So with less in my pocket than when we went to eat, Yakko and I caught the redeye home. And you simply can't take a redeye without a neck pillow:

Would have been nice if he hadn't hogged it the whole time.

"No pain, no gainy..."

Keep it up and this might be the last time I take you anywhere.


kapgar said...

And you're how old? Do remind me.

Actually, I"m just jealous that Katie and I didn't take any shots like that when we were in San Francisco. C'est la vie.

Blundering American said...

I had a feeling it was jealousy.

After all, you just have to love Yakko:)

Postmodern Sass said...

It's too bad I wasn't able to introduce Yakko to Antoinette. She's my very small bear, and she's been travelling with me for years. She has three photo albums full of pictures of her -- in front of 10 Downing Street, the parliament buildings in Ottawa, Fisherman's Wharf, and on the beach at Ft. Lauderdale. Oh oh! And, at the Teddy Bear Museum in Naples. Yes there is too such a place! But I hadn't unpacked her yet.

Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, that is too funny. If you come to Maine, I'll introduce you to Boober. He's from Fraggle Rock. Fewer puns, and not so much drinking, but he DOES like the ladies.

Blundering American said...

Sass - Don't feel too bad. As you know Yakko was in a rather saucy mood and probably would have earned a smack from Antoinette for being inappropriate.

Tracy - I remember Boober! And of course he doesn't drink, he snacks on the stuff those little builders would make!

2much411 said...

Hey BA, I was just reading lyric suggestions over at Kappys site and I pretty much loved all your suggestions >>> Jack Johnson!!! I love him. Same goes for the others but he's my fave. I haven't read this post of yours yet. I just wanted to say HI and then I will read more.


2much411 said...

Awww, Yakko is so cute. You're lucky to have such a great travelling companion.

whoami123 said...
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Blundering American said...

I was willing to keep the spam comment for a little while, but Yakko vetoed it. Sorry buddy.

Anomie-Atlanta said...

This is hilarious!!! I have travelled with such animated stars as Hamtaro, Curious George, Zoe, and Elmo, but my pictures were never this good!

Blundering American said...

AA, credit Yakko. He may be a ham, but he photographs well!

Anonymous said...

LMFAO. Thanks BA I totally needed that laugh! Caitlindakota