More of the Wonderful World of Home Ownership

A few months ago, I heard stories of people getting sticker shock from their property taxes. When I got my preliminary tax bill, I thought, "Okay, it's a little high, but nothing out of control."

And then today, I got the actual tax bill.

Not only did it exceed my escrow, but it was over four times more than what the preliminary bill said.

So, to my county tax collector, I ask this question:

What the fuck????

So instead of paying my taxes and insurance out of the escrow I've been paying all year, I'll be dipping into savings and hoping I get it back on my tax return.

Whoever the new governor is, he better provide some tax relief.


kapgar said...

New neighborhood? Or a rapidly growing one?

Blundering American said...

Relatively new, but with home prices on the rise in Florida, tax bills are absurd.

As you might guess, it's the big political issue in this year's election.