Some visitors on the seventh day...

Every so often I go to a local Shabbat (Jewish Sabbath) dinner. This week, there was a middle-aged Orthodox couple I had never seen before who brought luggage with them.

In an attempt to break the ice, I asked them where they were from.

"Toronto," the woman replied.

Thinking of my friend, Sass, and my recent acquaintance, Maria, I said to them, "Oh really? I know a few people in Toronto!"

Naturally, the woman asked, "Oh really? Who?"

This was the point I realized I had just started a conversation that was going to end awkwardly. Somewhat embarassed, I replied, "Well, I've only gotten to know them online, so I don't really know last names." Or, in Sass's case, first name. But I thought I'd let that slide.

The woman smiled, in what I can only guess was an attempt to make me avoid feeling like a complete moron.

In a half-hearted effort to save myself, I blurted out, "Have you ever been to the Banknote?"

That ended the conversation.

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Tracy Lynn said...

Well done, dude. It's a wonder you're not more sought after, you smooth talker, you.