V is for Va-va-va-voom

You may remember I have a thing for Natalie Portman.

After seeing this on Saturday Night Live, I strangely find her even more attractive.

Don't ask me why because, honestly, I can't explain it. Gangster rap has never done anything for me before.


Alecia said...

I can give the reason, as I too have a thing for Natalie Portman. In a completely girl crush love her but don't want to have sex with her kind of way. I digress...

The reason is, how can you not find someone who can so obviously take on anything, completely stick themselves in odd roles, be comepletely comfortable with themselves in order to do so, unattractive? Just shows she's got an awesome sense of humor.

I heart you Nat. Always.

Alecia said...

PS - you need to be changing my blog link on your sidebar. www.e-letters.blogspot.com, c'mon now man. Especially since someone has stolen my old one. Creepy.