Does this mean I have to like those stupid commercials?

Last week, I officially joined the 21st century.

After fighting for hours to get a decent mix on the antiquated MP3 player that I take with me to the gym, I gave up. I sold my soul to Apple. Yes. I bought an IPod. But in my spending frenzy, I didn't buy just any IPod. Nope. I bought the crem-de-la-crem of IPods, the 60 gigabyte black monster that I now refer to as my toy.

And, as you might expect, I had to tack on the service plan, the case/armband/clip, and now I'm itching for the car radio adapter.

How could this happen you ask? Well, after looking for an alternative to my crappy MP3 player for months, I decided that if so many people have IPods, there must be something good about them. And, hell, the 30 gigabyte model was only $100 less, so if you're going to buy, why not get as much storage as you can for that price?

Little did I realize that as far as digital music is concerned, 60 gigabytes is pretty much a bottomless pit.

Initially, I was concerned how much my 60 gigabytes was going to last. Like most people, I have a pretty thorough CD collection. At the risk of dating myself, I have a few tapes from the ol' days, but for the most part have CD's. So, I began loading CDs onto my IPod.

At first, I was a little wary. After all, I wanted to be sure I had the "good songs." So I pulled the two to four decent singles off of most CDs and ignored the rest of the crap.

However, after loading a plethora of CDs, I quickly realized that the songs were taking very little space. Needless to say, I became a bit less discriminatory at that point.

I also realized just how many songs I own that are crap.

Record company bastards.

Anyway, three three-hour sessions later, after loading my entire CD collection, I discovered the wonder that is podcasting. I subscribed to podcasts faster than the President can pass the buck. I loaded every podcast I could find on every subject I could find that I thought I might, someday, be interested in. I looked at the capacity, figuring, surely I had made a dent in this little bit of black covered goodness.

Nope. Not a dent. Less than 4 gigabytes used.

When they say 15,000 songs, they mean 15,000 songs.

No wonder Apple is killing the MP3 market.

Of course, I couldn't sell out completely. I still use my black earphone rather than the uncomfortable white ones that came with the lifelong jukebox.

For my next adventure, I think I'm going to test my new toy's video capabilities...

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kapgar said...

Welcome to the dark side. I'm a resident of a couple years now.

Oh, as for the song count. The reason why Apple is so "on" when it comes to the song count is that their calculations on storage are based on 192kbps quality. Most other MP3 players try to compete by saying that their players hold however much more, but they tend to be basing it on some pathetic audio quality level like 64kbps. Nobody listens to that poor a quality song.

Just wait till you start buying videos. So nice.